4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read This MicroBook

Vicky Quinn Fraser
2 min readApr 5, 2023

STOP Falling Short by Johanna McWeeney is the best book I’ve read on overcoming perfectionism.

If you’ve read it, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

But if you haven’t read it, here’s why you totally should:

Reason #1: It’s super-short!

Perfectionism is a huge topic and you could write an entire library about it. Which would be overwhelming and not useful for most of us.

But Joanna digs down to the heart of it and pulls out one single, simple idea: what perfectionism feels like in our bodies.

Reason #2: It makes the abstract concrete

Most humans struggle with abstract concepts. We can’t parse abstract ideas as effectively as we can real-life ones.

Joanna takes an abstract concept — perfectionism — and makes it a real, solid thing we can deal with.

Reason #3: It’s practical

Although the theory and psychology behind perfectionism is fascinating, it doesn’t necessarily help us to deal with it in the moment.

Joanna’s MicroBook gives us a set of practical steps to take to defuse the anxiety and paralysis that comes with perfectionism.

Reason #4: It changed the way I breathe

Seriously, it did. I now tape my mouth shut at night (which makes me look like one of those fish that scrape algae off rocks) and I make a conscious effort to breathe through my nose during the day.

All of which is an effective way to deal with stage fright, imposter syndrome, and general anxiety.

It’s Micro and Mighty, and it came out of Season 1 of MicroBook Magic back in November 2022.

You can — and should — get a copy on Amazon…

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