9 things I have done instead of writing the book I want to write:

Vicky Quinn Fraser
2 min readApr 14, 2023
  1. Created a bunch of templates for helping other people to write a book (yes, the irony is not lost on me).
  2. Pulled all the books off my bookshelves because it was extremely important that I reorganised them because I couldn’t find the book I needed to refer to in the book I’m writing.
  3. Updated all my social media profiles and bios, and all the broken links that exercise created.
  4. Rearranged the most-difficult-to-access cupboard in our depressing little kitchen. (I hate being in that room, so this gives you an idea of my levels of resistance.)
  5. Created a Pinterest board of nail art I’d like to get done. I go to the nail salon infrequently.
  6. Did a crossword then got utterly absorbed by the answer to one of the questions, and researched it for 30 minutes.
  7. Developed a sudden pressing need for some cow-print jeans, found some on Vinted, and bought them. (A bargain for £5, in case you were wondering.)
  8. Remembered the uncut sycamore trunks we took down at the weekend, and turned them into next year’s firewood.
  9. Wrote 2,000 words about my problem cheese eating, and the technique I use to do it.

I want to write this book I’m working on. I do.

Even though I love writing — I really do, it’s who I am — there are times when I will do absolutely anything other than write.

I’m not talking about the times when my executive malfunction kicks in and I am simply unable to get up.

I mean the times when I’m functioning relatively well but because of important reasons I am not writing the thing I want to write.

I just get stuck.

Then I remember: I have some tools for that, because I get stuck a lot which is fine, but staying stuck is not fine.

What are the most ridiculous things you’ve done instead of the thing you say you want to do?

Drop it below because I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to procrastinate.

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