Anothering (v)

Vicky Quinn Fraser
1 min readJun 7, 2023

The act of starting just another quick thing when you’re already late.


Yesterday I was typing too fast, trying to keep up with my brain, and I accidentally created the word “anothering” — and immediately derailed what I was doing to be ridiculously excited about it.

Because anothering is the perfect word to describe what my ADHD brain does to me all. the. damn. time.

It drives Joe up the wall.

It drives ME up the wall.

I will arrive downstairs in a swirl of mild chaos and Joe will get up serenely and say YOU LOOK GREAT! are you ready? are we going?

Yes! I declare. Yes I am!

I just need to quickly water the plants.

Then I spot the snake’s water needs freshening — I must do that!

And where are my keys? Over there, next to the pile of magazines I just quickly need to stack in order.

💥 BOOM 💥

Joe’s head explodes.

To be fair, I have by this point kind of floated up out of my body, and I’m sitting on the ceiling shaking my head at my own antics but because I’m on the ceiling I cannot actually grasp myself by the ears and yeet myself out of the door.

Anyway — anothering describes this bullshit perfectly.

Got any personal bullshit you’d care to share?


Bonus points if you’ve got your own language for it.