How to Choose a Book Coach

  • Writing and writers
  • Creativity
  • Reading
  • Publishing
  • Marketing books
  • Do you trust them with your secrets and your wellbeing? People have told me things they’ve never told anyone else, and they have to know they can trust me with that information.
  • Do they make you feel safe and supported? Can you go to them with any writing or mindset-related problem, and know they’ll listen and help?
  • Do they want to help you write the best Right Book for you — not the book they want you to write?
  • Will they tell you the truth, even if it’s difficult to say and difficult to hear? Will you be able to hear the truth, knowing that ultimately it’ll help you write a better book?
  • Do they have a clear coaching process and contract that makes sense for you, so you’re both protected?
  • Is it flexible enough to work with your individual personality — or does it feel like they’re trying to fit you into a box and a blueprint that doesn’t suit you?
  • Do you think they’ll make the process fun, so you feel motivated even when it gets really tough?
  • Are they honest about what’s required from you to write an amazing book?
  • Are they as excited about your Big Book Idea as you are?



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Vicky Quinn Fraser

Vicky Quinn Fraser

I turn tea(rs) into books and sell things over here: