Why “Eat the Frog” is Terrible Advice for the ADHD Writer

Vicky Quinn Fraser
1 min readJan 11


I’m a writer with ADHD and for the longest time I thought I was a trash-panda because the usual productivity advice doesn’t work for me.

Like Eat the Frog.

I get it — get the gnarliest thing out of the way first.

Makes sense on paper.

I’d try, but fail every time because trying to do the hardest thing in my day first is the best way to guarantee I play Lemmings on my phone all morning.

Instead, I make a dopamine sandwich.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Look at my focus for the day — the writing I want to do.
  2. Do something that makes me feel good right away (chocolate, dance to a bangin’ tune, play Lemmings for 10 minutes).
  3. Ride that dopamine wave into the frog task and surf on through it.
  4. Write what I wanted to write (or at least start it).
  5. Reward myself with another little dopamine hit.

If you’re a writer with ADHD and the usual advice makes you feel like a broken freak, try this.

It might work for you.

And I’d love to hear your “get started writing even despite ADHD” tips, too!

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